BEAUTY GLAZED - Matte Pearlescent Blush Pen -15ml

Beauty Glazed PK

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BEAUTY GLAZED Matte Pearlescent Blush Liquid Highlighter Fine Flash Natural Cheek Face Rouge Cream Sponge Head High Gloss Pen
Description: Texture: Liquid Gross weight: 52g Size: 14*2.3*2.3cm Shelf life: 3 years Applicable:
General Specifications:
1. The liquid texture is delicate and smooth, easy to color, uniform in color, easy to extend, and easy to apply.
2. Full color, rich color, high color, a total of 8 different colors, can meet your different makeup needs.
3. It can effectively brighten skin color and make facial makeup more transparent and full.
4. Natural makeup, natural color, non-stick powder, easy to create bright makeup, enhance colour.
5. can hold makeup for a long time, not easy to take off makeup.
6. single small and light, easy to carry, suitable for various occasions.
Method of use: 1. Pull the cover and twist it to the opening direction 2. Squeeze the bottle body to make it full of cotton tips 3. Apply on face Package Included: 1 * Blush Liquid

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