FLEX BLENDER Makeup sponge with 3 faces and 2 cuts, provides perfect fit for all angles and uniform finish without waste.

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FLEX BLENDER BEYOUNG is a makeup sponge that provides the perfect fit for all angles.


With 3 faces and 2 cuts, it easily reaches every corner of your face, providing a uniform finish and total agility in the application, thus avoiding the need to use sponges of different sizes.


Via multidirectional resistance to friction, the technology of the material guarantees high durability and low waste, consequently your skin receives the ideal amount of product.


Versatile, it can be used with products with a liquid, creamy or powder texture, accompanying you in this way, from application of foundation to the moment of sealing the makeup.
Including FLEX BLENDER BEYOUNG in your routine contributes to the practicality of your make-up and uniform finish.

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