BEILI - 15 Pcs Professional Face and Eyes Premium Synthetic Goat Hair Brushes- Black

Beauty Glazed PK

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Ā ā¤š€ š‚šŽšŒšš‹š„š“š„ šš„š€š”š“š˜ š’š„š“ - The 15 pieces makeup brushes set includesloose powder brush,foundation brush, highlight brush,blending brush,concealer brush,blush brush,eye shadow blending brush, eyeliner brush.


ā¤šš«šžš¦š¢š®š¦ šš«š¢š¬š­š„šžš¬ šŒššš¤šžš®š© šš«š®š¬š”šžš¬ - The Bristles are made of natural goat hair and unique NANO fibers.Soft and silky.Goat Hair Brushes are the best for blending makeup, they pick up and absorb pigment along with skin' s oils. Synthetic Hair Brushes are great for liquid and powder products such as foundation, concealer, blusher etc.

ā¤šš®š«šž š–šØšØš š‡ššš§šš„šž - The natural birch wood handle with silver aluminum alloy ferrule in combination,Light and comfortable. Each handle uses Seven-layer spray paint, which not only will not fade but also has a very comfortable feel.


brush holder not included !!Ā 

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